Cooking lessons in traditional Tuscan cuisine at Le Cetinelle.
Participate in some Tuscan cooking classes during your stay in Chianti!

A team of Tuscan cookery enthusiasts
A team of Tuscan cookery enthusiasts with Simonetta,
ready for action!
Learning to prepare Tuscan pasta
Concentration! Learning to prepare Tuscan pasta.


More concentration!
Here at Le Cetinelle, we are happy to provide Tuscan cooking classes and traditional Tuscan dinners for our guests.

If you enjoy Italian food and are interested in learning the art of Tuscan cooking or in eating a true Tuscan dinner at your accommodations, this is the right opportunity for you!

Our cooking classes are hands-on. When participating in a cooking lesson, you prepare and cook yourself under the expert guidance of Simonetta, proprietress of Le Cetinelle, in a very friendly and informal atmosphere. Whenever possible, we use the fresh products of our garden, including fruit, vegetables, wine and olive oil.

Cooking classes can be arranged over 1, 2, 3 or more days.

We usually start at 10 am for a lunch cooking lesson and 4 pm for a dinner lesson.

At the completion of the lesson, you will sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labours!

Also just dinner!

If you prefer eating instead of cooking, don't worry we are happy to prepare an exquisite traditional dinner for you.

Please enquire about these options when you reserve your accommodation, although of course we are happy to make arrangements after you arrive.

Cookery classes in Tuscany
Looks good!
Tuscan cooking lessons at your accommodations
Thanks, Simonetta!